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1999-2000 Season

Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Performances: July 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15 at 7:00pm, and matinees at 2:00pm on July 9 and 15

Venue: UW Ethnic Cultural Theater in Seattle, a 185-seat theater on the edge of the UW campus. 3931 Brooklyn Ave. NE, Seattle. Great karma, great space.

Directed by: Rachel Rutherford


Romans in 44BC had vivid memories of bad kings and were fiercely protective of their new republic. When Julius Caesar, Rome's great, wise, and humanitarian general and leader, suddenly kills another leader, Pompey, Caesar becomes the sole surviving member of the ruling triumvirate. The citizens get spooked - this looks like Caesar's opening bid for absolute power.

Brutus, Cassius, and several other members of the Forum decide to stop Caesar rather than risk the monster he might become... but they do so without reckoning on the fiery abilities of Caesar's friend Marc Anthony, or the unforeseen consequences that follow.


In the hands of Next Step Theater, this story is shown in a fresh light, featuring a nontraditional cast that includes women in the parts of Brutus, Cassius, and the conspirators; an unforgettable Caesar at his prime; a thoughtful and formidable Antony; a radiant Octavius; a spare and illustrative set; and live percussion and guitar. Shakespeare fans will enjoy the unusual treatment of this story, which remains faithful to the text. Shakespeare newcomers will find this an exceptionally accessible introduction to the classic tale of fiercely intimate relationships.

Emma's Child

by Kristine Thatcher

Performances: January 14, 15, 16 and 20, 21, 22, 2000

Venue: Studio East (Kirkland)

Directed by: Lisa Phelps Dawes

A baby boomer couple who have tried unsucessfully for years to get pregnant finally decide to adopt. A birth mother is found, but joy gives way to shock and gried when the boy is born with a severe, life-threatening defect. Despite his condition, Jean, the adoptive mother, falls in love with baby Robin. Her unwavering committment to the child threatens to tear her marriage apart. In the end, the baby's vibrant life brings every character closer to a greater understanding of themselves and the nature of love.

" . . . Emma's Child couldn't have wider appeal. Anybody who has ever had a child, thought about children or seen a child will connect to this script. . . . Beautifully written, Kristine Thatcher's story cuts any inkling of sentimentality with tonic humor." -- Denver Sidewalk

Previous Seasons

Fifth of July

by Lanford Wilson

Performances: December 4, 5 and 6, 1998

Venue: Sammamish High School (Bellevue)

Directed by: Lisa Phelps Dawes

"Fifth of July" is a comedic drama set in a Missouri farmhouse in the late 70s. A group of close friends who lived a free lifestyle in the 60s are now reuniting, along with extended friends and family. The play unfolds to show the impact of their choices on themselves and their surroundings. Their talk, as the play progresses, is sharp and funny and, in the final essence, deeply revealing of lost hopes and dreams and of the bitterness which must be fought back if one is to perceive the good which life can offer.

"This has been one of the best collaborative experiences of my career. . . . What I learned from Lanford Wilson and this play is that our choices both betray and define us." -- Lisa Phelps Dawes

Cast and Crew:
Matthew Anderson (Jed Jenkins) 
Greg Austin (John Landis) 
Gerry Green (Kenneth Talley, Jr.)
Sabina Nawaz (June Talley)
Toni Ralston (Pamela Hurley)
Loreen Savidge (Shirley Talley)
Jessica Staley (Gwen Landis)
Kay Steik (Sally Friedman) 
Lisa Phelps Dawes (Director)
Sue Fluegel (Set Designer/Stage Manager) 
L. Akemi Hart (Makeup artist) 


California Suite

by Neil Simon

Performances: May 15, 16, 17, 1998

Directed by: Shaana Litwin

A charming, dramatic comedy that revolves around the lives of five separate couples. Each couple confronts their relationship problems and tries to resolve them while staying in the "California Suite". After Couple One divorces, they're forced to meet many years later to resolve the issue of who their daughter, Jenny, will be living with. Couple Two comes from Philadelphia to attend their nephew's bar mitzvah, but a dark secret causes them to reevaluate their fifteen-year marriage. Couple Three comes all the way from London to attend the Oscars. The result of the trip is a look into the hidden passions they each carry. And to end it all, we have two couples whose friendship hangs on the line. Not many people can spend three weeks on vacation together.

Cast and Crew:
Ann McCurdy (Hannah)
Matthew Anderson (Billy and Sidney)
Gerry Green (Marvin and Morty)
Loreen Savidge (Millie and Beth)
Sabina Nawaz (Bunny and Gert)
Toni Ralston (Diana)
Jesse Cunningham (Stu)

Take Five

Performances: November 1997


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