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2000 - 2001 Season

The Wall of Water

by Sherry Kramer

Performances: January 11-13 and 18-20 at 8pm, January 14 and 20 at 2pm

Venue: Performance Studio (formerly the Children's Theater Space) in the Seattle Center House

Directed by: Roger Curtis

Suggested Donation: $12 (a portion of the profits benefits Habitat for Humanity)

A contemporary farce, "The Wall of Water" is about life in a storm and could easily be compared to a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. It takes us up higher than we would dare to go, plummets us into 5 or 6 Gs of confusion and then comes to a quick resolve leaving us wet but happy.

A tidal wave of insanity

Four women share a luxurious, rent-controlled apartment in New York. The apartment is leased under the name of only one of the women, Wendi -- and unfortunately she is quite insane. Or is she? Perhaps it is Wendi who is sane and the other three roommates who are insane. In any event, it is the task of them all to attempt to "keep it together" so that Wendi does not have to be committed, with everyone losing the apartment. The women are helped by their various current and ex-boy friends, male nurses and a therapist -- who may or may not be sane! Mistaken identities abound and, of course, at the end of the play everything comes out in the wash and we are left high, dry, and. . . ?

2001 Fringe logo

Seattle Fringe Festival

The Lesson

by Eugene Ionesco

Performances: March 8 10:30pm, March 11 noon, March 12 7:30pm, March 13 9:30pm, March 14 10:30pm, March 17 5:00pm

Venue: Union Garage 2

Directed by: Leah Papernick

Ticket Price: $12

Tickets available at:


Fringe Central Box Office number: (206) 322-2018 (becomes active March 3)

Fringe Central Box Office address: Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway at Pine (open March 3-18; hours: 12pm-8pm daily)

Shy professor meets beautiful young student. What lesson is she trying to teach? Word-play, overturned social conventions, and transformations... this short work, at once hilarious and disturbing, uses Ionesco's traditional absurdist touch to speak volumes about the student/teacher relationship.


by Euripides

Performances: First two weeks in June

Venue: Performance Studio (Seattle Center)

Directed by: Rachel Rutherford

Auditions happening now! (February 10 - 18th). This is a rare chance to do a full-scale Greek production, with an exquisitely poetic translation, a director & music director who are both classically musically trained, and a theatre troupe that is supportive of the actor's art, vibrant, and growing. Short, succinct, and unforgettable, Medea has survived 2400 years and cemented Euripides' reputation as 'the common people's playwright.' 'Sophocles knows the ideal man,' went the common wisdom of the time, 'But Euripides knows the real one.' Contact Rachel Rutherford 425/880-6082 to get involved in a cast or crew role.

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