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Next Step Theater Logo.

Welcome to Next Step Theater. We are a non-profit community theater troupe in the greater Seattle area.  In an effort to get a life outside of work, a diverse group of local professionals began taking acting classes at a community college and were so inspired that we formed Loquin Productions which spawned Next Step Theater in July 1997. We would like to acknowledge Mark Williams, our acting teacher, as a constant source of inspiration and wisdom. 

Our mission is to create a supportive venue for people to learn about all aspects of stagecraft, to create engaging theater, and to push the boundaries of our skills and grow towards that "next step" while having fun along the way.

Our current show is The Lesson by Eugene Ionesco, Next Step's 2001 Fringe Festival entry. Performance dates are March 8 - 17th at the Union Garage 2, ticket price is $12.

We're looking for case and crew for our spring show Medea by Euripidies, directed by Rachel Rutherford. Auditions are being held February 10 - 18th, and crew is being finalized through the middle of March. If you'd like to get involved in any capacity, please contact Rachel at 425/880-6082.

Get Involved: Interested in being a part of Next Step? We can use you! Do anything from acting to tech work to design to directing. Learn something new or share your existing talents, but come join our group for exciting shows! Contact us for details. Do you want to go on this journey?

Support Us: Next Step Theater Troupe is funded solely by donations. All gifts are graciously accepted. If you would like to support Next Step Theater please email us.

Next Step has awesome T-shirts for sale. If you would like to purchase one please email us.

Take a tour of our website.  Learn more about current and previous productions, and meet the members of Next Step.

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